Thursday, September 16, 2010

There May be No "I" in "Team", But There *is* a "U" in "Failure"

OK, some caveats are in order here because I could seriously piss off some people if they thought these cartoons represented my opinions of actual events.
  1. None of this has happened - yet. I'm still happily working in my little WACM world. I've had no interaction with any applications other than our WCMS.
  2. "FingerPoints", despite certain resemblances it may have to real software, is completely fictional (though I thought the name was particularly clever). It's characteristics are a mashup of several real applications as well as applications that do not exist.
  3. The events and interactions here are fictional. They may be based on bits and pieces of real events (or accounts that I have heard of real events), but they are deliberately exaggerated and fictionalized and are not meant to represent real events or real people. 
I write this cartoon to make people laugh, not to piss people off (OK, well, there was that one post last year... and I got into plenty of trouble for it too. But other than that, no.) The work we do, and the issues and conflicts we face are serious - and I take my work as seriously as anyone. But it is also possible to take the things we deal with and think about them in such a way that they are humorous. That's what TFRL is about.

So, if you think that I'm commenting on real software or real issues, you are mostly wrong. Do I get my inspiration from real life? Absolutely. But TFRL is not a direct commentary on our work environment.

Hopefully that covers my ass, but if TFRL stops abruptly, you'll know why.

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LoriPA said...

Love it! If only the discussion in our "team" meetings was this direct and constructive.