Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Is Our Cartoonists Learning?

So, first post in over two years...

The real test is going to be to see how many people still follow this blog... long dormant and unused, collecting dust and fading memories of glorious cartoons past. There must be SOMEONE. Someone who will post "First!" in the comments. Someone who has waited patiently for this day.

Okay, okay, that's probably only in my vainglorious dreams of... well, vain glory. TFRL was, let's be honest here, a tempest in a teapot. But what a teapot it was! Fame! Groupies! Free drugs! It was all mine in TFRL's heyday!

Sigh. But those halcyon days are long gone... lost in an endless haze of methadone clinics and rehab with Lindsay Lohan. The glory that was TFRL is long faded, and now I'm just another anonymous drone in the faceless labyrinth of higher ed IT.

So why am I suddenly resurrecting the long dead corpse of Tales from Redesignland? Read on!

Yes! The folks running HighEdWeb West in their infinite ...er ...something... asked me out of the blue to do the keynote for their conference in June!

And I get an all expenses paid trip to Orange County! Woohoo!

Wait... that doesn't sound like such a great deal. How come this conference couldn't have been in Vegas?Vegas is "west", particularly for the HighEdWeb folks (that I love so dearly) for whom anything beyond St. Louis is the "far far untamed riddled-with-wild-blood-thirsty-injuns" west.

Well, anyway, they don't have the faintest idea what they've signed themselves up for, but in the coming months, they will find out.

Because, yes, I *will* be resurrecting Tales for the duration.

So, get ready for: "Tales from the Redesignland Crypt - The Reanimated Series". 

P.S. Oh, and by the way, I still work with Prophead, and he's still as much of a jerk as he ever was. More so, maybe.