Friday, April 24, 2009

Perchance to Dream

For in that sleep of death what dreams may come...

Cute little Chuggy

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

You Think I'm Kidding

Actual notes from today's Web Design Team Meeting. Seriously. I couldn't make this up if I tried.
  • 1:30 - Demotivational posters
  • 1:33 - Trying to figure out acronyms for campus committees
  • 1:34 - Talking trash about the administration
  • 1:36 - Complaining about meetings
  • 1:40 - Talking about the home page as a metaphor
  • 1:44 - "Bells and whistles"
  • 1:51 - Six degrees of separation metaphor
  • 1:55 - "Globalness"
  • 1:57 - Pop-up books
  • 1:58 - Google Earth
  • 2:00 - Silence!!
  • 2:02 - Metaphors again
  • 2:05 - Branding - Sierra Nevada Brewery
  • 2:06 - The Visual Thesaurus
  • 2:09 - Tag clouds
  • 2:10 - Google maps
  • 2:11 - Pedicabs, fixies, beach cruisers
  • 2:12 - Pop-up books again
  • 2:13 - Easter eggs
  • 2:14 - Gratuitous animation
  • 2:15 - Pop-up books yet again
  • 2:17 - Team lead says: "I can't think!"
  • 2:21 - Meeting adjourned
That, literally, was our meeting. I kid you not. Now do you understand?

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Nominate Us!! You could nominate us for an award!! Riches and fame could be ours!!!

Karine Joly actually recommends people nominate us... we're not sure what's wrong with her.

Or you can do directly to the eduStyle Web site and nominate us there.

Only thing is that today is the last day to nominate blogs. As usual, we're right on top of things here at TFRL!

So won't you please vote for us??

Oh, and forward this to all your friends! Bill S. of Nashville forwarded this post to 10 of his friends and a week later he won the lottery, got a new job and inherited $100,000 from an uncle he didn't know he had! Sarah D. failed to forward this to any of her friends, and two weeks later all of her hair fell out, her boyfriend dumped her, and her home got foreclosed.

Just sayin'.

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Groundhog Day

Sadly, it's getting harder and harder to do this cartoon. Our redesign process has become so bizarrely dysfunctional that it's virtually impossible to write something that members of our team won't recognize as real and get offended by. And reality is so much stranger than fiction that there is nothing I can invent that could match what we deal with on a daily basis.

Anyway, this cartoon isn't all that funny. However, I can say that - like Bash Brannigan (look it up) - I've actually lived it.