Wednesday, April 22, 2009

You Think I'm Kidding

Actual notes from today's Web Design Team Meeting. Seriously. I couldn't make this up if I tried.
  • 1:30 - Demotivational posters
  • 1:33 - Trying to figure out acronyms for campus committees
  • 1:34 - Talking trash about the administration
  • 1:36 - Complaining about meetings
  • 1:40 - Talking about the home page as a metaphor
  • 1:44 - "Bells and whistles"
  • 1:51 - Six degrees of separation metaphor
  • 1:55 - "Globalness"
  • 1:57 - Pop-up books
  • 1:58 - Google Earth
  • 2:00 - Silence!!
  • 2:02 - Metaphors again
  • 2:05 - Branding - Sierra Nevada Brewery
  • 2:06 - The Visual Thesaurus
  • 2:09 - Tag clouds
  • 2:10 - Google maps
  • 2:11 - Pedicabs, fixies, beach cruisers
  • 2:12 - Pop-up books again
  • 2:13 - Easter eggs
  • 2:14 - Gratuitous animation
  • 2:15 - Pop-up books yet again
  • 2:17 - Team lead says: "I can't think!"
  • 2:21 - Meeting adjourned
That, literally, was our meeting. I kid you not. Now do you understand?


scott said...

I LOL'd out loud

Andrew said...

cracks me up every time! I'm going to use this list as the agenda for our next home page meeting :-)

Propeller Head said...

I love pop-up books!

kapgar said...

Damn shame 2:05 couldn't be happening on site. Might make it worthwhile.

Anonymous said...

Our meetings are about 50% discussion of pets. I have no pets.

Ron said...

Thanks for explaining how several of my years were spent. Too funny.

bfinn said...

That is great! Your meetings might be slightly more productive than Congress.

Ruth said...

You can have fun with this. Halfway through - say with pop up books - say hmm unfortunately that's too similar to the recent Educause paper on pop-up websites.
Not much happens at the meeting but you get 45 minutes of alone time after as everyone tries to find the paper.

Chris P. said...

Actually, I'm pretty impressed with the breadth of topics covered! Pop-up books, Google Earth, good beer, and even pedicabs? All within less than an hour? Sounds like a powerhouse group to me!
I've been in meetings where the ENTIRE time is spent trying to come up with a clever committee acronym.

zyphlar said...

So uh, does your employer actually have anyone who knows what they're doing?

Methinks you need to do stuff and ask for forgiveness, not permission.