Tuesday, September 21, 2010

HighEdWeb 2010 TFRL T-Shirts!

I still have a few TFRL T-shirts left over that I'm going to bring to HighEdWeb 2010 in Cincy.

If you are going to be there and want one, now is the time to order!

Yes, they're $30, which is highway robbery, but I ain't making anything on the deal.

Here's the design:

I've got shirts left in the following sizes and colors:

1 - Medium Navy
3 - Large Navy
1 - Large Dark Red
2 - Large Black
2 - XL Black
1 - XXL Black

Order now before they are all gone! Tweet me @tonydunn or leave a comment and I'll put you down. Bring cash to Cincy to get your shirt.


Matt Herzberger said...

Do I get royalties for this shirt? I did copyright that phrase. You can talk to my lawyer :)

Tony Dunn said...


Uh, oops?

I'll give you 10 cents on each shirt I sell.