Friday, September 3, 2010

TFRL T-Shirts!!!

Continuing the tradition of bringing TFRL T-Shirts to HighEdWeb, I will once again be... uh bringing, uh, TFRL T-Shirts to HighEdWeb.

These are custom shirts, designed specifically for the conference and available only at the conference. If you want one, the only way to get one is to get it at HighEdWeb. 

Sadily, the rising cost of CafePress has forced me to charge $30 per T-shirt... and trust me, I'm not making any money on the deal. I wish I could give them away, but that's just not realistic is these times of budget cuts.

There are two designs:

Design 1 is available in either black or 'cinder' (I'm calling it brown).


Design 2 is available in black, dark red, navy, military green, red, royal blue, brown, charcoal or kelly green.

Don't ask me why one shirt has two colors and the other has a bunch. Cafe Press forced me to use two different t-shirt products for each design. 

I haven't ordered any T-shirts yet. If you want one, let me know ASAP. Tweet me (@tonydunn), email me, or leave a comment. 


Karlyn Morissette said...

YES PLEASE! Design Number 2 on black :-)

Coincidence that those are the images I will be using for my #heweb10 tattoo? I think not!

Karlyn Morissette said...

Oh and medium shirt!!!!