Thursday, April 11, 2013

This is How it Starts

So, like pretty much everything else in TFRL, this actually happened. My boss called me into the office one day for our weekly meeting, saying we were going to have a 'special guest'. That special guest turned out to be my new boss. I had no clue beforehand, and apparently my new boss wasn't aware that my old boss hadn't told me.

So, that was fun.

Actually, it was quite exciting, because I really like my new boss (who isn't really so new any more).

But it does say something about communication. That meeting could have been very awkward, and honestly, though I was very happy with the change, I kind of felt that not telling me ahead of time wasn't terribly respectful of either me or my new boss.

Since the purpose of this blog is to lay the groundwork for my keynote at HighEdWeb West in June, (hopefully) funny cartoons are going to (hopefully) address some serious issues. And communication is a big one.

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