Friday, April 12, 2013

Down the Rabbit Hole

Taghead gets a new boss...

Oh, God, I'm going to get into so much trouble for this.

Maybe not with the SuperBoss™, but probably with everyone else. And yes, I do call my boss the SuperBoss™. It's really an inside joke about another director. Long story. You had to be there. Trust me; it's hilarious. Seriously. A real knee slapper.

Anyway, this isn't quite as literally true as the other cartoon. My office actually hasn't moved, but I do 'hobnob with the big boys' a lot more than I used to. Hell, I actually lead meetings where I'm literally the lowest paid person in the room (ahem... listening there, SuperBoss™?).

Strangely, Prophead is still right there with me most of the time. And still making marginally more than I do. Curse you, Prophead, and your slightly greater financial recognition!

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