Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Nothing Personal

Poor Taghead. Nobody likes him!

OK, can the sympathy. This hasn't actually happened yet. The DBAs and programmers are sufficiently dim-witted that they haven't yet recognized the obvious superiority of my managerial skills, and thus have yet to shun me from their plebeian lunches (it also helps that I am still classified union-represented technical staff employee and have yet to reap the fiduciary bounty that is a *real* management position).

And most of the managers here wouldn't flinch at going to lunch with a pleb like me. In fact, Prophead and I went to a baseball game with a manager just last week (our team, the HSU Hypotheticals, is third ranked in the country!). Of course, the Hypotheticals lost... mostly because a manager was present.

Anyway, even though this hasn't happened, I know that some of the 'technical staff' view me with suspicion because of my close relationship with some of the management.

This will be a developing theme, both in TFRL and in my keynote address.

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