Tuesday, May 28, 2013

The Beginning of the End

There is only one purpose to this cartoon: to lower expectations for my keynote next Monday.

Seriously. I've given several talks at HighEdWeb conferences. I've even won a couple of red staplers for Best of Track. But some of the comments on my last talk were less than glowing... "This old guy isn't funny at all. He shouldn't be allowed to speak." ...or something to that effect (finally, someone who feels the way I do!!).

My Prized red staplers.
"If they take my staplers I will set the building on fire."
And my keynote is going to be new territory for me, since I'll actually be trying to address a serious topic this time around. Not that selecting web content management systems, doing web redesigns, and setting up web governance aren't serious. But those are all tangible things with clear beginnings and ends.

My keynote isn't going to be about anything as cut and dried as web redesigns, and it might not even be about something remotely interesting to my audience.


Debra Goldentyer said...

But I do need to know, which of those little guys is me? See you on Sunday!

Tony Dunn said...

Oh, you're the one in the middle, of course.

Debra Goldentyer said...

The cute pink one? Thanks!