Tuesday, May 21, 2013

See you on the Flip Side

This is the flip side of the previous cartoon, and also all too common.

Someone with a budget gets hypnotized by a shiny object and plunks down a chuck of cash for it before really understanding whether or not it's really the best tool for the job at hand.

Then the staff, who were never consulted, have to find a way to make it work - typically incurring the lasting hatred and wrath of everyone forced to use the misbegotten tool along the way.

Get the impression I've been through this one before?

We are really struggling with this one, though most people are getting on board. The age of throwing money at shiny objects is slowly coming to an end if for no other reason than no one has any money to throw at anything anymore. Also, I'm hopeful that endless issues/problems/difficulties/outright-failure of several high profile projects of this type will sway people to look at the success of several projects that used a more rational, data-driven selection process, and choose the better way. But then, I keep falling for those Nigerian bank emails.

P.S. Thanks to the three-eyed, yellow, bald data analyst with bad teeth for the idea for this cartoon. It's amazing how much his character looks like him IRL.

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