Monday, September 14, 2009

The Zombie Home Page Chronicles - Part 1: Rise of the Zombie Home Page


This all started when I read this post (or more precisely, listened to the presentation). According to Paul Boag's presentation (which, BTW, you really should listen to), the number one harshest truth about higher education Web sites is "Politics are killing your site". I commented to Prophead that in our case, you can't kill something that's already dead. We both laughed at the idea of an unkillable zombie home page.

We're not laughing now.

P.S. Apologies to Brown University. I had to steal some university's design for this cartoon, and 4 out of 5 discerning design thieves prefer the Brown University design over other university designs. Who am I to argue?


Susan said...

Bah hahaha. My favorite part is that you stole Brown's design for the cartoon. :-)

Dr. Chuck said...

Is the "PropHead" twitter - the real "Prop Head" person or just a fan?

Anonymous said...
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