Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Are Viruses Trying to Tell Me Something?

As with everything else in TFRL that never happened, this actually happened. And how embarrassing - I got a virus while doing a Google image search for my presentation for HighEdWeb that totally infected my computer with spyware crap and made it crash every time I tried to do anything. And no, I wasn't searching for or looking at porn (I'm smart enough to do that at home), but some site I went to infected my computer. Great job preventing that McAfee!

So now my computer - and my presentation - are in the loving, caring, healing hands of our User Services department, who sadly already have many reasons to hate me.

So, if I'm using an overhead projector and a grease pencil (Google it if you don't know what those are) next month, you'll know why.


D.W. said...

I love the Academic Politics slide -- so hilarious and true.

Eric Stoller said...

I hope that you're able to fix your comp and resurrect your presentation. It looks amazing...Please share it on slideshare after the event. :-)

LoriPA said...

Looking good already! Though I think in your hands a grease pencil and overheads would also kick ass.