Tuesday, February 19, 2008

The Web Redesign Conference

OK, another absolutely true story. I swear.

The only differences between the cartoon and the absolute truth are:
  1. It was an online webinar held in a windowless conference room instead of a real live conference in a big city
  2. They let us in anyway, even though our accounting department never paid them, and we had to watch the webinar instead of drinking martinis by the pool

The truth may be stranger than fiction, but it's rarely more fun.


Karine Joly said...

Hey Tony, I can arrange a bucket of virtual water for you tomorrow -- not as good as a pool, but... ;-)

I just love your blog. Note to self: I need to feature it at collegewebeditor.com.

Kyle James said...

True story, I went to a conference a few years ago where some of the people there went to about two sessions and instead spent their time visiting four or five parks at Disney World.

Bruce said...

I worked with someone who made reservation to a conference in Portland and arrived in the hotel in Portland, OR; only to find that the conference was in a hotel by the same name in Portland, ME. He spent the week in Oregon anyway at the college's expense and never admitted to his mistake.