Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Why Doesn't This Sort of Thing Ever Happen with the 'Office of Minor Administrative Tasks' Website?

I just can't make this stuff up. This actually happened this week. To the President's website. But I didn't panic because:
  1. This is a great student and she never makes mistakes like this, so I had no reason to be upset with her.
  2. It's summer. Who's looking at the President's website anyway?
  3. The people in the President's office were totally cool about it (but they did notice it right away).
  4. But most of all, I was calm because I had just made a back up of the site about 30 minutes before this happened.
I don't know about Jesus, but I do know that back ups save. They save your ass.

BTW, I'm proud to say that after over a year after we started, the new president's site went live on Monday. w00t!

Also, on a completely unrelated note, this is the last week to vote for Tales from Redesignland for the best Higher Ed blog in the eduStyle People's Choice voting! Vote here!!! 

I can't believe we got nominated again. And I'm sure we'll lose to .eduGuru again (*shakes fist*).


Samantha Poole said...

That's me!!! I remember when this happened!

Samantha Poole said...

That's me! I remember this!