Monday, July 26, 2010

Coming Back is Punishment for Leaving

OK, this cartoon is mostly an excuse to show some pictures from my trip to the Oregon wine country (we brought back some amazing wine and cheese). But it's also a true story. Though I didn't have quite 500 emails when I got back, it did take me over a week to catch up.

And that's the terrible thing about vacation: every day that you are gone, more and more work piles up, seemingly as punishment for taking time off.

That's just plain wrong. We need something like 'vacation amnesty', where you are automatically absolved of having to deal with any phone call, email or meeting that happened while you were on vacation.

Someone's site crashes while you're on vacation? Guess they get to start over from scratch! Big reorg happens while you're away? Sorry, doesn't affect me - I was on vacation!

Wouldn't it be a wonderful feeling to come back from vacation, fire up Outlook, press CTRL-A and then DELETE? Wouldn't it be a relief to go into your voicemail system and be able to hear, "All messages permanently deleted"?

Who's with me on this?


scott said...

i'm going to start forwarding all my email to you when I go on vacation that way when I get back, you'll have taken care of everything and your dream will be realized… for me, not you.

Susan said...

Hahaha. Scott, too funny! I might just start sending my work over to Tony's student minions. I'll keep 'em busy! :-)

Kyle James said...

As someone who just got back from vacation last week I can totally relate. *sigh*

Newsace said...

I'm with you. I took two weeks off, about a month apart, and am still trying to catch up with the emails from the first week.