Tuesday, May 12, 2009

We Appreciate Your Support

There have been rumors lately of threats to TFRL, and the Twittersphere has been atwitter with support - as appreciated as it may be misdirected.

Seriously, I really appreciate the support, even though TFRL has its detractors on campus.

And yes, I love Humboldt State - though if it burned down, you'd get seriously high off the smoke. Just sayin'.

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Matt said...

Tony, if they make u close it just hand it over to the community and have everyone run it.

ross said...

Perhaps the powers that be at CSU should be more concerned about how to run their shop competently. If they did that, there wouldn't be anything to make fun of, would there?

As a fellow uni-based webbie, I love your work and encourage you to continue. Freedom of speech!