Monday, May 4, 2009

If Star Trek was Like Us

Of course this isn't realistic. If the Enterprise was run like a university, they'd still be building the damn thing.


Propeller Head said...

But it would be built with a broad base of synergistic integrity knowledge...and stuff.

Anonymous said...

No. They would be planning to build it as soon as the application for a government grant came through.

drew said...

oh man this is priceless

Erik said...

So...the moral of the story is to move ahead with the project on your own before the Klingons kill us all.

I like it.

Ken Steele said...

Ah yes, too true. And yet, it might be equally amusing to see what a university run by Captain Kirk might look like...

So long as we're not the "red shirts" who meet an untimely end before the first commercial break!

Anonymous said...

It's been a rough day, maybe you can draw inspiration:

internal client: Our site is ugly and inefficient...Can you help us make our site more user-friendly? Can you post this information?
me: Sure! *re-designs site in uber-user-friendly way*
internal client: This won't work, the old content needs to look exactly like the old site, and the new content needs to look exactly like the PDF. The old site and PDF were approved by committees.
me: ... I changed it because the old versions didn't work and were ambiguous. No one will understand the information if I post it that way.
internal client: Yeah, ok, it just needs to look exactly like it did there, so let me know when you've done that.
me: ... (deletes beautifully designed site and copies and pastes from PDF and old site)
internal client: Perfect! You're great!

Ruth said...

Though must not show initiative!