Thursday, January 15, 2009

Is That a Problem?

OK, this has nothing to do with our designer, so she shouldn't freak out when she sees this. However, I was a bit startled to see how little time I have for the information architecture.


Anonymous said...

Apparently not . . . and so . . .???

Do you just proceed?


Tonya Oaks Smith said...

I need a T-shirt with this one on it.

mikeyc7m said...

hey don't complain... my uni (my ex-uni that is) has decided to to the information architecture AFTER the redesign!

Jimzip said...

Hmm.. As a designer, I actually tend to do things the opposite way. When we get a project, I make an estimate, then try to get the design turned around asap. The coders/devs then have at it for the remainder of the time. I certainly don't take the majority!

The series of events you're proposing make my brain hurt.

Jimzip :D