Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Epic Technology

OK, a couple of things:
  1. This did not happen. I'm not trying to comment on our CIO's tech savviness. Everyone just likes to beat up on administrators, so I took advantage of that and pandered to the lowest common denominator. At least there aren't any guns in this issue.
  2. We love thee Twitter oh so much, but dear Twitter, why dost thou torment us so? In other words, you will be a target of my ridicule from now until you stop giving me the damn Fail Whale!
  3. Hi Mark! You got a cameo mention! Congrats!! - You too could end up in Redesignland if you say something that riles people up.
  4. Thanks to Propeller Head for the idea for this comic!


Bradjward said...

Bahahahahahaah!!!!!!! This blog is amazing. Getting a cameo here is better than any keynote speech. I wonder if Mark agrees. :)

Keep them coming!

Mark Greenfield said...

Tony - I am truly honored!

Keep up the great work on this blog.