Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Anti-Social Media

Wherein the 'back channel' bites back.

Note for the unintwitiated: Twitter tweets are typically read from the bottom up, in chronological order.

OK, so this post is about the potential downsides of the 'back channel' at a conference. If the recent eduWeb conference was a back channel success, I'm predicting a few back channel failures, but not necessarily at the HighEdWeb conference.

Social media can obviously get vicious, but personally, I'm hoping that most people have a little more class than to post snarky comments right in front of me.

I will be presenting at HighEdWeb 2008, and yes, there will be lolcats. Putting Twitter up on the screen while I present... not as likely. Will I go back and review all the tweets that happen during my presentation? You bet I will.


Bradjward said...

I'm putting this on my refrigerator. You made my day, sir.

There was some snark in the #eduweb2008 backchannel, and a vendor approached me about it. It was the perfect opportunity for me to candidly tell him what I really thought.

Karlyn said...

I'm totally printing this out and hanging it on my office door...

Patrick said...

Oh, you bet I'll be talking trash. Mostly because I'm not going.

Kyle James said...

Hilarious!!! That's a freakin' riot.

One presenter actually threaten to post the twitter channel on the screen (I'll leave this individual nameless) at eduWEB. I dared them to do it.

gilzow said...

ok, now I'm DEFINITELY looking forward to your presentation at HighEdWebDev.