Thursday, October 7, 2010

What Has Been Seen Cannot Be Unseen

Yeah, this really happened. And I blame Prophead.

I was making a backup of the [REDACTED] department website before switching them to the WCMS, and I noticed a very large file go by with the name ''. I commented on it to Prophead and he asked what was in it. I hadn't bothered to look, but once he asked, I opened it up - only to be confronted with about 20 short mpeg files of - ahem - "lesbian porn".

Most of the videos were of pitifully low quality; I have much better stuff at home... I mean most of it was despicable and tasteless in the worst possible way. Not that I actually looked at any of it. Because I didn't. Not most of it anyway. Well, maybe a couple, but only to confirm that it was actually porn.

I don't know who uploaded this file (I honestly didn't want to know), and it got wiped when we switched them to the WCMS, but really? Porn? In an academic department's website? Not cool. Not in real life.

Seriously. I shouldn't have to deal with crap like that. Really.


Anonymous said...

What's going to be really fun will be when someone from that department calls you to complain that their file has gone missing. :)

Anonymous said...

It was biological sciences and it was totally for research! Totally!

El Pedro / Logan 5 said...