Friday, October 9, 2009

The Zombie Home Page Chronicles - Part 5: Revenge of 2004


OK, this is a total inside joke that only people who attended the Great Keynote Revolt of 2009 will understand.

I was at the HighEdWeb 2009 conference in Milwaukee this week, and one of our keynote speakers (@notjared) gave a speech that dated from about 2004 and was poorly adapted to a highly technology savvy audience. Lacking a Twitter account (true), he was unaware of the vicious back channel that cut him no slack and granted no mercy. You can review a transcript of it here (starts at 11:59 AM), or read posts by people who weren't there here and here. And here's a balanced post from someone who was there.

At the very least, he gave me a way to save our heroes from the zombies... but he replaced them with something far, far worse.


Isaac said...

Perfect! Well played

Bradjward said...

No one has taken @notjared yet? Come on folks

Robin2go said...

ZOMGBBQWTF. You. Are. My. Hero.

In other words, I'm gonna let you finish, but you've got the best damned strip around. ;) So to speak.

Now I need a signed copy of this!

*giggle snort*

Karlyn said...


You should put this on next year's t-shirt.

If you do, I'm totally gonna ask for your autograph.

corexian said...

Haha! That was beautiful!

notjared said...

my hair looks waaay better than that.

notjared said...

Imagine if I'd worn those M.C. hammer pants I brought with me to Milwaukee.