Sunday, August 9, 2009

A Minion's Vacation

I can't say that none of this happened, because most of it did. I perhaps over-dramatized the things that my minion didn't do before he left. Perhaps.

However, if anything I under-dramatized what we did to his desk while he was gone. Seriously. Check it out:

Shiny desk is shiny

Check out all the photos here.

Eight rolls of aluminum foil. Eight. Thank God it's cheap! We even foiled the inside of the drawers. I sure hope that I don't get in trouble for this. We'll recycle the aluminum, we promise!!


gilzow said...

That. Is. AWSM!

LoriPA said...

Oh my god, classic! I like how you roll.

El Pedro / Logan 5 said...

Well played, sir!

Bobbi said...

Wow.. I can totally relate to that, but I did not expect the ending. That is amazing and I have noted this for future consideration.

Anonymous said...


I actually LOL'd, quite loudly; scared the other people in the room.

Well played, indeed.

curtiss said...

That's quite a setup your minion has. I'm a little jealous (though, not too jealous, as I'm pretty darn happy with mine, too).

Mike Nolan said...

Perhaps you could do one about what happens to the manager who goes away for two weeks vacation to North America expecting his team to complete ten websites before he gets back.

Wait, that's me, and I'm back in the office on Tuesday - I'll let you know how it ends!