Monday, April 12, 2010

Allez Website!

I don't know if you thought this was funny, but for me it was hilarious. Iron Chef America is my favorite show of all time (you can thank my wife for getting me hooked on the Food Network). And I think an Iron Web Developer show would be great! But if you don't watch Iron Chef, it's probably not all that funny. Oh well. At least I'm trying.

Oh, and what do you think of the new HD format? Better? Worse? Please at least comment on that.


Robin2go said...

Okay, definitely ROFLMAO. But again, I've been known to watch the Food Network and the Iron Chef thereon... So, A) Love it. B) HD? LOVE IT. C) TWo, count 'em, TWO TFRL in two weeks? Oh, my giddy Aunt. w00t!

Curtiss Grymala said...

The new HD format is fantastic. Keep up the great work, Tony. I love reading the TFRL cartoons.

Steve said...

agreed, HD is good.

More interesting secret ingredient for next time: crappy web video the President wants on the home page.

How do you limit the damage and win the judges' approval?

Nathaniel said...

I get a degraded version of the HD. Probably because I get my interwebs through Comcast :-/

Old Man said...

How about a HTML Throwdown?

We are going through a re-org here too. If I had some of your talent, I would find this a great source for ideas!

The HD is super!