Sunday, December 7, 2008


OK, I know for a fact that everyone on the Web Design Team reads this blog, so there's a high probability that someone (uh, everyone) might be offended. But can't we all be adults here and realize that our little team has had it's share of dysfunctionality? No??

In truth, I think we all knew things "weren't perfect" - thus the break we've had lately in our weekly meetings.

Honestly, I think most of our problems stem from lack of high level leadership (and, of course, by that I'm referring to Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger and the state legislature <cough, cough>). There will be a post on that little problem coming soon.


Andrew said...

You might think your blog is about your web design team at your university, but I have news for you: I happen to think it's about my web design team at my university, and it's half way around the globe! Not only that, but I'd vouch that there are hundreds of web teams at universities around the world who look forward to your postings and see them as a mirror to our little lives.

So, a message to your fellow workers not to feel anxiety about your portrayals - they speak for all of us!

Erin said...

Also, some of us were having a panic attack at the thought that we'd seen the last-ever strip. Thank dog you're back!

Moshe said...

First off welcome back. Second, my boss always says a camel is a horse designed by committee. Third, we were planning a redesign at our university, but I think your strip talked us out of it (oh, and budget cutbacks didn't help).

gilzow said...

I feel for ya, I really do. I've been through a couple of sites where they tried to do a design by committee. Absolute FAIL. Why do people think this approach can ever work?

hold you ground as best you can, and know that all of us fellow web devs got your back.

mikeyc7m said...


My web team has two web designers but we're not allowed to design web sites. That honour goes to the brochure designers in the marketing dept. Any design changes need to be approved by several administrative committees. Our design is unchanged since March 2003. Seriously.